Master Vincenzo Spasaro

"Honor to ancestors."


Master Vincenzo Spasaro

Master Vincenzo Spasaro had a turning point in his martial life when he met the Grand Master Zhang DuGan, the first Master to really open the teaching of the true BaGuaZhang to everyone.

Vincenzo Spasaro has followed Grand Master Zhang DuGan for about twenty years.

Grand Master Zhang DuGan opened the teaching, but kept a traditional method, explaining it with kindness, but in a complex way, so that very few have gained real knowledge in BaGuaZhang Kung Fu. The apprenticeship work of the Master Vincenzo Spasaro was difficult because it was very difficult to find reference points and put together the puzzle that the Grand Master Zhang DuGan was giving to the world.

In 2016, after the long apprenticeship, Vincenzo Spasaro was selected as internal disciple of the 7th Generation by the Grand Master Zhang DuGan in a traditional ceremony called Bai Shi.

Today the Master Vincenzo Spasaro is committed to spreading style all over the world through a clear, progressive and comprehensible teaching to all. BaGuaZhang is already a complex art: it does not believe that further obstacles to learning should be placed. Those who come to learn only ask for respect for the Masters, for the ancestors who brought us this wonderful method, attention for the next and real desire to learn the Art. 

Master Vincenzo Spasaro teaches to the public in Modena, Reggio Emilia (Italy) - and privately only to Instructors around the world.

Vincenzo Spasaro is a certified Master by

C.S.E.N. and its activities are internationally recognized thanks to important agreements with TAFISA and ICSSPE