Kung Fu course

BaGuaZhang Kung Fu

八卦掌 功夫

The original form of the style

First, a progressive teaching of fighting techniques and personal defense. BaGuaZhang techniques, strategy and the use of strength are traditional and unique to the style (they do not resemble any other style). Second, the study of exercises for wellness and the circle walking, which makes this style famous all over the world. Third, the practice of traditional forms with bare hands, with weapons and the exercises of the "eight animals":  Dragon, snake, tiger, swallow, horse, eagle, phoenix and monkey. Fourth, the theories and traditional philosophies upon which the style is founded. 

The didactics is broken down into levels: with officially recognized exams and certifications. The exams take place during the annual seminars with Master Vincenzo Spasaro. It is also possible to hold seminars abroad.

People of all ages and genders can take this course, which will enable them to stay physically strong and healthy for a lifetime.


Are you interested in a BaGuaZhang course or group seminar in your school or sports club?

This is the best solution for schools or groups who want to learn BaGuaZhang in person but cannot travel:

- Course organised by monthly programs;

- One live appointment per month;

- Teaching and support online.

It's also possible to hold seminars abroad.

Our school has no crash courses for instructors: quality is achieved through practice, effort and gradual improvement. In other words: Kung Fu. Those who want to teach, should learn with commitment first.