BaGuaZhang Gong Fu (Kung Fu) is a Chinese martial art, profound and traditional, that combines the effectiveness in combat with improvements in physical health and the study of ancient Chinese philosophies. The “Palm of the eight Trigrams” (BaGuaZhang literally) is considered in China an authentic treasure of Eastern culture. The style was transmitted us from the founder Dong HaiChuan (1797-1882) to Grandmaster Zhang DuGan; Traditional BaGuaZhang School managed by 7th Generation Master and inner door disciple Vincenzo Spasaro through a clear and progressive teaching that allows the development of flexibility and fighting ability for which the BaGuaZhang Kung Fu is renowned. BaGuaZhang is also called "the Divine Style" or "Tiānxià dì yī quán", meaning "The First Style on Earth".