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traditional baGuaZhang without secrets

What is BaGuaZhang?

Ba Gua Zhang is the greatest treasure of Chinese Kung Fu. It is called "divine style", in Chinese "Tiānxià dì yī quán", which means "the first style on earth". Every movement is directly related to the ancient Oriental philosophy of the eight trigrams the I-Ching, the Book of Changes.

Ba Gua Zhang's study is infinite and profound. Ba Gua Zhang is based on the movements of eight animals, and it is famous because of its circular walk (Zou Zhang), which is the basis for health, fighting and meditation.

Why is BaGuaZhang unique?

Its peculiar fighting technique (Chuan Zhang) strengthens the joints, bringing health benefits, up to the point that it is also used as an effective method of physical rehabilitation.

Who is this kung fu style recommended for?

In contrast to most other martial arts, the growth of our style is qualitative instead of quantitative. Ba Gua Zhang is recommended for people of all ages, beginners and teachers of other martial arts. By no accident, it is often chosen by masters of other styles who want to go beyond their experience.

Ba Gua Zhang is real kung fu. No magic. There is no superfluous or purely aesthetic movement in our style, no matter how fascinating it is; every movement is there so to improve the quality of our students.

What is the main difference of our school of Ba Gua Zhang?

Master Vincenzo Spasaro shares Grand Master Zhang Du Gan's teaching through progressive learning, levels and exams that assess the quality of those who practice it.

Our school deeply studies the movement of legs and arms for fighting, with bare hands as well as with weapons. Furthermore, in our school we study health practices and Ba Gua Zhang philosophy.

Our school has no crash courses for instructors: quality is achieved through practice, effort and gradual improvement. In other words: kung fu. Those who want to teach should learn with modesty first.

Where may I practice Ba Gua Zhang?

In our school, Ba Gua Zhang is taught by really competent people only, whose skills can no longer be found even in China. Grand Master Zhang DuGan (heir to Grand Master Wang HanZhi) has been teaching this method openly for decades, so Ba Gua Zhang is of higher quality in Italy and Europe than in China today.

Our school is based in: Ireland (Dublin), Italy (Piacenza, our headquarter, but also in Fidenza, Parma, Reggio Emilia, Rubiera-Modena, Alessandria), Germany (Mainz) and The Netherlands (Amsterdam). Our school offers complete classes (fighting and health) and tailored classes (focused on health).

If you are interested in organizing a Ba Gua Zhang seminar in your local school or sport club, just contact us.