INSTRUCTOR Basilio Fallica

"Strength lies in calmness"


In the photo on the right: The Instructor Basilio Fallica with Master Vincenzo Spasaro and the Instructors Federico Gobbo (Netherlands), Andrea Baraldi and Giampiero Cocuzza (Alessandria, Italy).

Instructor Basilio Fallica 

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Basilio Fallica began studying martial arts in 1997. For twelve years, he studied various oriental styles (Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Shaolin Quan etc.) and also won various sports competitions in Italy. 

In 2009, he met Master Vincenzo Spasaro. He was impressed by the incredible technical qualities of Master Vincenzo Spasaro and by his humility, the effectiveness of the style in combat, and the great health benefits. Thus began his endless study of BaGuaZhang.

He also attended seminars with Grandmaster Zhang DuGan.

Basilio teaches personally and online in German and Italian. Under the careful guidance of Master Vincenzo Spasaro, Basilio is responsible for the spread of BaGuaZhang in Germany and Dubai (دبي).

Basilio Fallica is a certified Instructor by VIE della SETA - CSEN and a member of the GDCF MZ-WI e.V.

CSEN and its activities are internationally recognized thanks to important agreements with TAFISA and ICSSPE