Trainer Gregory Chiesa

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand"


On the right: Trainer Gregory Chiesa with Master Vincenzo Spasaro and Trainer Andrea Villa (Italy)

Trainer Gregory Chiesa

Gregory began his journey in BaGuaZhang at the age of 26, after several experiences in team sports, in search of a martial discipline that would guarantee him an effective self-defense and excellent body care.

By adapting himself to thediscipline over the years, with effort and dedication and thanks to the care of his Master Vincenzo Spasaro, he has improved his self-confidence and strength and has seen his health and stamina increase exponentially. And in the meantime his very passion for the art has grown more and more.

Following his professional career, Gregory moved to Ireland in 2014, where he started teaching in Dublin (also online) and in parts of the country.

Gregory Chiesa is a certified Trainer by