Courses and Seminars

In Vincenzo Spasaro’s school of Traditional BaGuaZhang Kung Fu, we follow two different and parallel approaches:

八卦掌 BaGuaZhang Kung Fu (Gong Fu):

It means the full teaching of this style.

It consists of four pillars. First, a progressive teaching traditional fighting and personal defense, where techniques, strength and strategy are unique, i.e. they differ from any other martial art. Second, the study of health exercises and the walk in a circle, which makes this style famous all over the world. Third, the practice of traditional forms with bare hands, of weapon and exercises of the eight animals: Dragon, snake, tiger, swallow, horse, eagle, phoenix and monkey. For, the theories and old philosophies upon which the style is inspired .

Health course: TAI JI GONG (BaGuaZhang Yangsheng Gong 养生功)

the detailed study of health exercise aimed to the improve well-being at every age. It is composed of a set of exercises of different kind, among the others: breath exercises, how to soften your body, exercises in pair so to gain sensitivity.

Furthermore, we study circular movements, kung fu forms, weapons, and BaGuaZhang philosophy.